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November 12th, 2010

The Biscuit-In-The-Basket Conspiracy

First, a post aboot Canada. Now a post aboot hockey? Is this some sort of polite, well-mannered Canadian coup of the Mortarblog? (Hey, as long as we get free healthcare and one of those burgers, we will happily welcome our new insect moose overlords.)

No. It is not a Canadian takeover. It is a post about “Conversation Marketing.” (Yeah, yeah – we hate that name too, but until we think of a better one, we’re stuck with it. Moving on…)

First, a little background: We are not particularly Boston Bruins fans, but man do we love their TV campaign. Excuse the pun, but…check it:


Holy-moly, that’s good. And we love this one, too:


But then, this happened:

Don’t worry, she got back up. She’s a hockey fan.



SIDE NOTE: As an observant Deadspin commenter
points out…does that hole look exactly like Jay Leno?

Could NBC be behind it? Or could it be Coco?
Is that Terry O’Reilly on the grassy knoll?
We’re behind the looking glass, people.

Ahem. Sorry. Anyway, Here’s the truly double-awesome part. Watch the Bruins’ marketing department get out in front of the ladykicking story with this:


Score! That is sweeter than a Don Cherry suit. On-brand and on-time, people. Bears may be godless killing machines, and the Bruins may be mortal enemies of certain hockey fans around the Mortar, but dammit…respect-where-respect is due. If marketing is a conversation, these guys are the type of people we’d want to be stuck next to at the bar. Extremely well-played, Bruins.

(We’re still keeping a close eye on those Canadians, though.)

Via Deadspin.