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June 9th, 2010

Donuts: Is There Anything They Can’t Do?


Running a down-and-in…to our stomachs!

From the Department Of Hilarious Unintentional PR, Seattle Seahawks rookie wide receiver Golden Tate got busted for breaking in to a Seattle-area Top Pot Donuts last night.

"They're irresistible," Tate said. "It was kind of a foolish mistake
that won't happen again."

At least not while the store is closed.

"If you ever want some maple bars, that's the place to go," he said.

Tate, 21, was neither arrested nor cited. He was given a warning,
said Officer Carla Iafrate, the public-information officer for Bellevue

Stupid rookie. That coach is gonna be on him like frosting on a delicious maple bar.

"I'm not disappointed in a guy being in a doughnut shop when they've
got maple bars like Top Pot has," Pete Carroll said."


But seriously – everyone who wants to go to Top Pot right freaking now raise your non-mousing hand. Us, too. Can you buy PR like that? You cannot. Unless you have donuts. Who says crime doesn't pay?

Read the full story at the Seattle Times.