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October 20th, 2010

Fishing For Kilgore Trout


When we were young, we read Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions. And we enjoyed it mightily. But the one thing that stuck with us above all the many things that could have stuck with us about the book was this:


Now it wasn't so much Vonnegut's use of the word "asshole" that surprised us. (We hear it a lot in our business.) What surprised us blew us completely out of the water was his willingness to break the rules.The man just up and drew an asterisk! In the middle of the page! Of a novel! You can't DO that!
But he did. And it was shockingly unexpected. Yet no one arrested him. In fact, he sold a ton of books. Tons of books, plural. Great heaving boxcars of books. And slightly smaller boxcars filled with cash came back to him.

Which brings us to these delightful "Go Fishing" spots from takemefishingfilms:


The Bassador himself? Funny, but not roll-on-the-ground funny. But check this one out:


Wait a minute. You use half of your too-long-by-sixty-seconds-spot to argue with a talking fish? Using beautifully typeset graphics? In a video? With no music? You can't DO that! But they did. And it was shockingly unexpected. And we liked it. Not only that – we want to go fishing now. We doubt this will bring anyone great heaving boxcars of cash. But we do applaud the fish people's willingness to break arbitrary rules in the service of their idea. That's just good stuff.

Plus, we hope someone reels in that mouthy fish. He's begging for it.


Reeled in from the S.S. Adrants.