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April 6th, 2011

Fight The Power.


Did you know your power bill comes with options?
As far as we know, there is no "I'd Rather Pay With Candy Beans"-option as of yet, but…there are options. You might be eligible for a Low Income plan. Or a "Time Of Day" plan. There are all kinds of options out there. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Who knew? Apparently, Genability knew. So, they called us. Asked for our "I'd Rather Pay Using Candy Beans"-option. Mark agreed. We beat him senseless, and then got a more…traditional agreement agreed to. Then, we went to work.

The result? We are proud to present whatsmypower.com -  a brand new website that makes sense of energy costs. It's simple. It's pretty. And it's smart. Kind of like Mark. Kind of.

Anyway, if you use energy, you'll want to check it out.