Aug. 31st, 2012

Slip The Surly Bonds Of Earth. (Bring Bacon.)


Remember Pigs In Space?

Our pals at Bacon Salt did. And, from the Department Of “Damn, We Wish We’d Thought of that,” it inspired them to redefine the term “product launch.” As in, Bacon Salt is blasting into frickin’ space.

(OK,  more like, “they tied a cooler to a weather balloon.” Still…pretty rad.)


Behold Spacon-1, Interstellar Pork Delivery Vehicle – coupled to a 100,000 ft-rated weather balloon, equipped with a parachute system for re-entry, GoPro camera to record flight and GPS tracking device for recovery.


Sadly, the launch vehicle suffered a mission failure. (It popped.)

But still, they got to wear spacesuits.

We especially enjoyed Mission Control’s reaction to the vehicle failure:

Mortar salutes you, Bacon Salt. Today, bacon has reached out, and touched the face of God.

(Who, quite likely, would now liketh a washcloth.)

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