Sep. 17th, 2008

Long Attention-Span Theater?

Here’s the Obama campaign with a two-minute ad on the economy. Two minutes? But we’re Americans! We have short attention spans – the TV says so!
What do you think? Can you watch a politician talk for 120 seconds?
Mortar is big into the idea of trusting the audience not to be idiots. And we appreciate it when someone else trusts us not to be idiots. We’re just more nervous than a moose on the first day of hunting season when we think of trusting everyone not to be idiots. Let us hear your thoughts.


  • John Krell
    Sep. 17th, 2008

    I think it’s absolutely spot on. Didn’t even notice the 120 secs. Finally an ad that doesn’t have a voice over with “dramatic” stock photos attacking the other candidate. But simply the candidate putting it right on the table. How anyone could vote for McCain over Obama is beyond me.

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