Nov. 13th, 2007

Cough Syrup. Now With Added Backbone.

Why are advertisers so scared of being self-deprecating?
It’s as if they think people wake up in the morning and say "Hey, Martha! The new (insert corporation here) ad is on! Come quick!"

News flash: People don’t do that. They hate ads, because most ads suck.

These do not.

Buckley’s, Mortar salutes you.


  • Mortarmark
    Nov. 13th, 2007

    Um. Now even I can tell that this campaign is probably not a good idea. Who is going to drink cough syrup that tastes worse than trash bag leakage? But then again, what are Buckley thinking bringing something this ass-bad to market.

  • steven joseca
    Nov. 16th, 2007

    I don’t think that this product is for everyone. From the advertising that I have seen and heard it is for people who want an effective no frills product, and don’t need something that tastes like candy.
    Cheers to you Buckley’s.

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