Jan. 31st, 2018

What you can learn about Marketing from Napoleon

Not content with ruling much of Europe, Napoléon Bonaparte is famous for launching an invasion of Russia in the summer of 1812, only to get bogged down and horribly defeated by the cruel Russian winter.

Mortar’s approach is built on two pillars: the Strategic Decision (a choice to be different), and the A-ha Moment (the desired reaction to that choice). Using Napoléon Bonaparte as an example, had our diminutive hero fully considered what might happen if his Grande Armée was forced to weather the harsh reality that is a Russian winter, he may have altered his approach—saving himself from a surprisingly unexpected A-ha Moment.

Will 2018 leave you hunting for your mittens while facing the guns of your rivals on the freezing steppe? Or will you bask in the warmth of victory by flanking their position?  Don’t let your rivals freeze you out in this year, instead engage with Mortar and heat-up that strategy. Check out some of our most successful strategies–and the matching A-ha–right here.

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