Jun. 28th, 2006

Bulb Brainteaser: win Fandango tickets.

The_economist_lightbulb_0preview_1 Wassup puzzler?

You are outside a hut. It is windowless and otherwise barren.  Not the kind of place to hang out really.

You are alone. Yes, you are a little sad.

There are 3 light switches outside the door. 

The switches are connected to 3 light bulbs inside the house.

You can enter the hut only once.

How can you tell which switch is connected to which light bulb?

First correct answer wins $10 in Fandango tickets. Email me here.

Update: 6.30.06: We have a winner. Mortar’s own Sarah Thompson is a lateral thinker to be feared:

Turn on switches 1 and 2; leave switch 3 off.

Turn off switch 1 and leave room.

Bulb that is lighted is switch 2.

Bulb that is off is switch 3.

Bulb that is off but warm to the touch is switch 1.

She will be receiving two Fandango gift certificates for her winning entry. Watch for the next puzzler next week. – Mortarmark

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