Apr. 5th, 2010

Best Monday EVER.

Nothing makes us happier than making it rain, which is exactly how we started off our Monday morning traffic meeting today.

So imagine our glee when given the opportunity to do it with something better than (ok, ok- as good as) cold hard cash: Girl Scout cookies, yo.

This A.M., our good friends/clients the Girl Scouts of Northern California sent Mortar an obscene amount of post-cookie sale goodness to our doorstep in order to celebrate the Best Cookie Season EVER.

Forever, ever?
Forever ever.

Sales are up 9.5% over last year, a hugely significant jump for any retail enterprise, and we're so thrilled to have helped make this a landmark year for our favorite entrepreneurs. More info will follow in the coming weeks.

Thanks Girls, but we can't take all the credit. But we will eat all of these cookies.  And by 'will' I mean 'did.'


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