Oct. 2nd, 2008

Ain’t No Love Tap – MortarPR’s Latest Hits Leave More Than A Red Mark

Picture_8_2Eyeblaster headlines are leaving more than a red mark across the internet. Recent PR hits landed on outlets including Wired, ClickZ, MarketingVox, BizReport, MobileMarketer among others.

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  • Oct. 3rd, 2008

    According to the very typically “in-your-face” boutique and “oh-so-hip” Mortar Agency in San Francisco,
    “Surprise! You no longer own your brand. Your customers do. People don’t accept brands at face value anymore. They mess around with them. Make demands. Deliver ultimatums. Today, successful brands evolve into communities. Tribes. Nations. And while companies are still free to create brands, only consumers have the power to control their destiny. Sure, marketers like us have to give up a bit of control. But the payoff can be pretty impressive. Your customers can now do things for your brand that mere ad campaigns only dreamed of.”
    It’s a nice speech. Well, “surprise”, Mortar! Marketers “like you” at Mortar control your own brand like the Third Reich.
    The so-called MortarBlog is no community, and summarily removes any comments from their blogs for the heck of it. Mortar is a poser agency that only talks about community, then quickly strikes down opinion from the community it pretends to build.
    Go ahead, pick a blog at MortarBlog
    Then try engaging the self-aggrandizement Mortar community with your comments. So much for the tribal idea.

  • Oct. 6th, 2008

    Dear Tribe, we don’t censor the blog.
    Never have. We might some day soon. But right now our policy is to let the slings and arrows lie where they fall.
    Truth be told, we wish we had more comments.
    So lighten up T. And next time, tell us how you really feel.
    I am MortarMark. And I approved this message.

  • Oct. 7th, 2008

    Appreciate the engagement… basically I spent a couple of hours examining the Zivio experience, then coming to the table with what I thought was a very constructive appraisal, questions, and food for thought. Some was critical in terms of brand connection, but also a good deal of acclaim for the Zivio creative efforts.
    So imagine when I came back two days later to find the evidence of my well-intended engagement here was promptly removed?
    OK… I’ll get over it and give it another shot after I see my analyst.

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