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March 22nd, 2013

Unexpected Solar Eclipse? Or Eat24 and Snoop Lion’s Giant, Billowing Cloud Of Awesome?

What’s going on? Is this a giant, unexpected solar eclipse? Were the Mayans right after all? Oh. No. Wait. It’s just Eat24’s giant cojones, blocking out the sun. Taking the D.I.Y. ethos to new heights, they just decided to show up at SXSW with a giant bag of weed and a camera and oh, hey, is that Snoop Lion? Yes. Yes it is.


Snoop gets familiar with the Eat24 App. And guess who is now the Official Sponsor of Snoop’s (quite likely prodigious) Munchies? It’s perhaps the greatest product demonstration since the old Master Lock ad from the 1970’s. Well done.

March 2nd, 2009

Hey smarty pants: we’re hiring. (Public Relations Sr. Account Executive)

Not only is Mortar the proud editor of MortarBlog, we are also a fast-growing San Francisco shop specializing in integrated brand communications.

Yes we are.

We attract a great mix of clients who love our blend of integrated services.

Now, we need a fiendishly clever Public Relations Pro.

Most important is finding a self-starter with the right blend of media and client relations experience and superb organizational and writing skills.

Our ideal candidate will think differently about PR and understand how it interacts with marketing, branding and all the rest of the communications goodness. They will have an acute sense of the big picture, get excited by the possibilities of a start-up and won’t break a sweat at the challenges of a small budget. They will also need 3-5 years experience pitching consumer goods and services, with at least 1-2 in an agency. (Oh, and sorry, but we don't want to hear those w/only deep-tech exp.).

You’ll also need a killer book—heavy on media coverage that made a difference, great writing and creative, strategic programs.

Sense of humor g-o-o-d. 

In addition to the obligatory coffee, skittles and beer, we’re offering something a little different.

The chance to help build a new kind of agency. 

Send an email pitch to heythere@mortarpr.com, along with your resume.

Due to time constraints, we can only respond to candidates we want to interview.

Also, we can’t consider candidates who live outside the Bay Area. Sorry.

And no calls, please. We’re on the phone enough already.