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November 17th, 2010

Greenbuild 2010- the unsocial network?

 We're here in Chicago at Greenbuild with Native Trails, (no Abe Froman sightings yet) holding boothside media visits and scoping out what's new and notable in Green and Sustainability.

What can I say, you can't take San Francisco out of the Mortar.  Back off, L.A. Kidding! (or are we?)

Greenbuild 2010 did a phenomenal job organizing the space, offering amenties and incorporating new technologies, down to the last detail. Which is why this one fleeting moment of hilarious irony caught our eye:

The "Social Networking Lounge" being decidedly un-social. One might even call it anti-social, as this lowly patron hangs his weary head in his hands.

We feel you, man. Trade-showing is hard.