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July 28th, 2010

Deploy Happiness. (And An Order Of Crazy Bread.)

Let's say you make apps for handhelds. What are you really providing? Ones-and-zeroes? No. Nyet. Non. You are giving your customers the ability to do more than they otherwise could have. Giving them the power to fill orders on the spot. Trade stocks from the airport lounge. Do pretty much anything that needs doing. In real time. Without delay. So if you think about it, they're not "using apps." They're deploying happiness.

Mortar client Antenna launched their shiny new Mortar-built website Monday – complete with shiny new logo and shiny new tagline.


We're predictably proud of it, but perhaps even prouder of the client's Facebook tribute to their new logo.


"Please leave 1/4" clear space around logo. Please do not eat logo."

Visit the site. Watch the video. Let us know what you think.

April 27th, 2010

Is That A Shankapotamus In Your Pocket, Or…


"Make stuff people like. It's in the rulebook."

Mortar client Antenna just bought out Vaultus Mobile Technologies, the people who designed the eTrade app for iPhone and Droid – and gave the world the power to invest using the trusted knowledge of golf-playing talking babies.  Putting our well-documented antipathy toward The Talking Baby Gimmick aside for a moment, we think this purchase says something interesting.

Gene Signorini, vice president of market watcher Yankee Group’s Anywhere Enterprise Research division, says: “With this acquisition, Antenna has positioned itself to tap directly into…mobile market dynamics.”

To which we say, “Get to the interesting part, Gene.”

At which point Gene says, “Employees are demanding that mobile applications for business deliver the same type of user experiences that they are accustomed to getting from their personal life."

Thank you, Gene. That’s what we were looking for.

It’s like this, y'all: Somebody (Antenna) is building really cool apps that people use at work. The guy who fixes your Xerox machine. The guy who delivers Murphy’s Stout.  Instead of the clipboards they used to carry around, folks like that now have smartphones. Which do smart stuff.  So naturally, those folks – and the people who got them the technology in the first place – demand that level of functionality in their personal lives. Vaultus delivered that. And Antenna wisely snapped them up. See need, address need. Smart.