Aug. 31st, 2007

The Livingroom Of The Future….TODAY!


This 1979 Omni Magazine spread depicts "the future" with eerie accuracy.
Satellite dishes on roofs? Check. DVRs? Check. Flat screen TVs? Check.

But what’s with the jumpsuits? Why is it that every time someone "predicts the future," everyone is wearing too-tight jumpsuits? We imagine a futurist saying "Pants are inefficient. I predict a future where man is liberated from the tyranny of pants. I predict…The Jumpsuit!"

The soccer player isn’t wearing a jumpsu…wait a minute…Is that the GEICO caveman?
How the hell did they predict that
And if they’re right about that, could they be right about the jumpsuits? 
It’s a future too horrible to contemplate.

Unless we get robot bartenders.

Thanks to our pals at Freakgirl for the tip.   

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